Sulcis archipelago by boat

An island within an island, in the heart of the Mediterranean, a wonderful strip of Ligurian land, transplanted to the extreme south-west of Sardinia

Carloforte, the only inhabited area of the picturesque island of San Pietro, just 60 km from Cagliari Elmas Airport, is a lively starting point for the discovery of the most unspoilt parts of Sardinia, and - thanks to its location which makes it the crossroads of Mediterranean routes - is a splendid resting place during itineraries to and from the Costa Sulcitana and the Costa Verde.

It is located on the island of San Pietro, off the coast of the Sulcis-Iglesiente sub-region, in Sardinia; the island, which is rather large to be occupied by a single municipality, is located about 10 km from the Sardinian coast. Together with the nearby island of Sant'Antioco with other islets and rocks close to the aforementioned two islands, it makes up the Archipelago of Sulcis. Carloforte is also an honorary municipality of the metropolitan city of Genoa and is part of the circuit of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

The history of Carloforte is a wonderful story. The many who know it are fascinated by it, and those who discover it are amazed by the extraordinary nature of the many events which distinguish it. It is no coincidence that more than one intellectual has thought of writing a novel or an epic film about it. The culture, language and gastronomic traditions of Sardinia, Liguria and Tunisia meet in a single municipality, from where you can set out on itineraries full of nature and peace: from the southern beaches to the rocky western coast, every mile will be a new discovery! And diving into the warm colours of the Carloforte seafront before the evening, or getting lost in its alleys with a slice of focaccia, waiting for the local tuna specialities, will be the perfect end to a splendid voyage!

The Climate

The climate is temperate-warm. The dominant winds are the mistral from the north-west and the sirocco from the south-east. The climate is cool and humid in winter, but very sunny and dry in summer. This breezy marine climate moderates the maximum temperatures. 

The mistral, in particular, is the most frequent and often violent: the impetuous winter storms, with gusts of over 100 km/h from the north-west, hit the external coast of the island, sometimes forcing the Carloforte-Portovesmelinea ferry services to be suspended (The Carloforte - Calasetta line remains active, as it is less exposed to the wind, but with some discomfort on the part of residents and non-residents). In summer, however, in addition to the two regular lines there is a continuous service, even at night. 

The town of Carloforte is located in a sheltered position (east side) and is not particularly affected by winter storms.

How to reach Carloforte

By sea: 

To reach it by sea you’ll need to land in Sardinia starting from Genoa, Livorno, Civitavecchia, Palermo or from Naples to Cagliari or Porto Torres or Olbia. You'll then have to reach Calasetta or Portovesme by taxi, by public transport or by car - rented or your own - and on board the Delcomar ferries for the Island of San Pietro (40 minutes).

By air: 

To reach Carloforte by plane, you can fly there directly or with a stopover in Cagliari from the main Italian and European cities. You'll then have to reach Calasetta or Portovesme by taxi, public transport or rental car and embark on the Delcomar ferries for the Island of San Pietro (40 minutes).

Main services in the Country

  • Portovesme - Cagliari Airport one-way shuttle
  • Technical Support
  • Typical restaurants
  • Supermarkets in the immediate vicinity with shuttle service
  • Self-service laundry
  • Scooter, car and bicycle rental for the exploration of the hinterland 
  • Diving equipment rental
  • Guided tours of the hinterland, Museums, archaeological sites, Tonnare and much more...



09014 Carloforte • Fronte Istituto Nautico • VHF CH.9

(about 300 metres to the left of the ferry dock)

Tel: 0781 857 071 |

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Customers can easily reach the base on foot. Whether you come from Calasetta or Portovesme, it doesn't matter if you're travelling on foot or by car. Once you get off the ferry, turn left into Via Cavour. Go straight on Corso Battellieri until the roundabout. Cross the large car park, towards the sea, to arrive at the entrance to the marina. The distance from the embarkation to the tourist port is about 480 metres.

The marina has two piers; the Carloforte Sail Charter fleet is distributed on the Nautical side. The Club House is very pleasant and modern; you can eat there until late at night and an international breakfast is served starting early in the morning.

The showers are open from 8 am to 9 pm.

The managers of the base will wait for the customers on board to provide them with material and useful information on the itinerary and ground services. Colleagues from the technical service will check in.

Booking | Boarding

Stefy +39 347 2733 268


You will be able to find the galley ready-made on board, if you provide us with your shopping list within two weeks of the departure date. In addition to the refund of the receipt, a 25% commission will be applied to it. 

Otherwise, many supermarkets and typical food shops are located in front of the port of embarkation with a free shopping service on board.


Our  base in Cagliari, located not too far  to the historic centre, is only fifteen minutes from Cagliari Elmas international airport, connected to the entire European continent by major airlines with scheduled and low-cost flights.

The city of Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, is located in the southern part of the island. It lies in the centre of the Golfo degli Angeli, an ideal starting point for a cruise in the Mediterranean. It is built up around the Sella del Diavolo, surrounded by hills and surmounted by the vast Campidano plain.

From our base you're only a few steps away from immersing yourself in the rich and varied history of its historic districts, the result of many significant conquests which have also left their mark on the city's architecture.

A walk to Castello, Marina and Stampace, with stops in the many restaurants facing the port, can be a great start for your holiday!

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Suggested restaurants:


Molo Sant'Elmo – loc. Su Siccu – 09126 Cagliari


Tel. +39 070 308730

VHF: CH 13

Lat. 39 12.03 N 

Long. 09 07.43 E 

Profondità 5 ÷ 8 m 

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Our base is located on Molo Sant'Elmo – loc. Su Siccu – 09126 Cagliari, 

A welcoming marina in Cagliari, meeting point of the main Mediterranean yachting routes. The geographical position, the climatic conditions and the location in the city, with the easy use of the opportunities offered by it, make the Marina del Sole the ideal base for the departure, landing and stopover of summer cruises. 

Not very far from the center of Cagliari, to be able to access the historic centre of Cagliari, with a variety of typical Sardinian restaurants, shops, museums, etc...

  • Shuttle Services to and from the airport, city taxi, train

  • Nautical accessories and spare parts shops in the immediate vicinity, within walking distance

  • Technical Support

  • Restaurants and supermarkets nearby, within taxi in few minutes.

Office | Assistance

Stefy +39 347 2733 268

Upon boarding you will be given some useful tourist information about possible itineraries, restaurants, etc. In addition, we will provide technical check-in and any technical support during the holiday.

As for the galley, it can be requested as an extra service with a 25% commission on the receipt. In any case, about 10 minutes from the base you can find a well-stocked supermaket (Market Nonna ISA, Via Sonnino, 65) they offer delivery service on board.

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